Triple-A International Center of Culture and Sports is dedicated to promote grade-A mind, grade-A intellect and grade-A body – a concept that Triple-A denotes and adhered to throughout our courses or various activities.

As an active member to promote integration into Canada’s diverse cultural society, Triple-A promote open dialogue and direct exchanges among people from all ethnic backgrounds.

Currently our operations branch into two directions:

Triple-A Sports

Fall session is starting! This year a lot of courses and activities are happening! To find out more, click HERE

The 6e Triple-A Tennis Championship successfully concluded over the Saint-Jean-Baptiste weekend. This year's competition was so fierce that some matches marked record time. To read more, CLICK HERE Anthony Pen - inner of men's single's title

2017 Triple-A Summer tennis camp is out for a racket promotion! Sign up 4 weeks kid will get a junior racket at 10$ or an adult racket at 20$. This year, Triple-A continues to provide high quality and the most cost-effective tennis camp in Montreal with its quality teaching of all professional coaches. Kids will be developed on technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects during the summer. To read more, click HERE

Congratulations Abigail! Abigail Liu (coach Liu) won champions of women's coubles in categories 40 and 45 at the Canada Eastern National Women's Championship held at Montreal April 5-9. To read more, click HERE


Volleyball Team: Triple-A is currently organizing its volley team. For more details, click HERE

Beginning 2016, Triple-A has invited Alex Kim, captain of Dawson College volleyball team, to show the volleyball players how to play volleyball. The former member of national volleyball team of China, Ms. Mingxia Duan also showed up to teach basic volleyball techniques. The same night, many excellent volleyball players showed up at the Triple-A sports club to showcase the volleyball matches. 

It was a great event for the players - they could not only look at the demonstrations of the coaches, but also witness right away how the techniques are used in a real life match. For details, please click HERE

This year Triple-A has tailor made a Tri-sports Interest Class. The is targeted towards kids aged 5-10 in the "shopping period" or the selecting age. The kids will learn the basic techniques of TENNIS, BASKETBALL and BADMINTON, develop some basic common fitness and build sports spirits, namely fair play and teamwork. Through learning the three sports in 16 weeks, kids will at the end of the course decide on a sport (hopefully for life) and focus more on it.  To learn more about this course, click HERE.

We have completed the 4th Triple-A All Asian Tennis Championship. To see the pictures, click HERE


Triple-A International Culture and Sports Exchange


2017 IVY LEAGUE Tour: the first info session will be held on Sunday Jan. 22 at Elite College. Mme. Liu will present to you everything you want to know (or you don't know) about the universities, the entrance requirements and more...

To reserve a spot, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have completed the 2016 Spring Trip to Top US Universities! We have visited Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton and UPenn. For details, click HERE

Triple-A is dedicated to international exchanges in culture and sports in following areas: 

1. Assist high school students to pursue sports study in Quebec; 

2. Assist high school graduate to pursue professional study and subsequently immigrate to Quebec; 

3. Assist high school students with a sports specialty in choosing the right university and secure the sports scholarship; 

4. Organize / host international sports matches, visits and training. 

To date, Triple-A has successfully organized Ivy League tour for 9-12 grade students. Students will participate in an information session, visit the campus and sit in a class with the Ivy students. Triple-A organizers exhaust personal resources to organize customized lectures, dinner with currently faculty in order to provide the visiting students insights with an in-depth understanding of the elite universities. 

The feedback from the parents and students has been very inspiring. 2015 students made an online photo album to not only show the trip but also the joy they had. 

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